Tags4info manual

Toolbar buttons

menu-button Menu

Reload database - reloads current database. Database need to be manually reloaded when it was changed in cloud folder from other computer.
Open database - opens another database
More database → New database - creates new database
More database → Close database - closes current database
More database → Import database - imports old (0.12.x) database. Option is hidden if no such database exist or already imported.
Undo - undoing last operation
Redo - redoing last operation
New Note - creates new note. By default Txt file will be created and opened in default system application. You can specify any other file extension if you like to open in another application.

home-button Home

Clears selected Tags, Types and Items filter

show-tags Items view

Changes items view mode

  • size can be changed
  • colums / rows can be hidden, colums can be rearranged
  • “Show last tag only” - shows only last tag without its parent tags

items-sort-button Item sort

Activates one of 5 sorting options:

  • Date Added - items sorted by date it was added to Tags4info
  • Date Created - items sorted by date it was created or added to Tags4info. Dates can be different for files only.
  • Name - items sorted by its type and then by its name
  • Size - files sorted by its size
  • Drive - files sorted by its location on drives and then by its size. It is useful for drive used space management.

Click on selected option to reverse sorting.

show-tags-mode “Show tags” mode

By default “Show tags” mode is deactivated and when you select any tag - tags that has no common items with this tags is disappears. And when you looking for specific item it allows to find next tags to select very quickly. However, when you adding new item, it is possible that it will have unique set of tags. And you must have a way to select any set of tags - for this reason “Show Tags Mode” exists. When it activated tag selection not leads to another tags disappearing - and you can choose any combination of tags. This Mode automatically activates when you adding new items in Tags4info, and deactivates after.

items-filter Items filter

You can filter items by its name. Name filter works together with Tag and Item Type selection. Item matches with entered string if name contains this string at any position, not only starts with it. Esc key clears filter text.

Tags Context Menu

Exclude - excludes items with tag from results
New - creates tag
Delete - removes tag. If removed tag has parent tag items tagged with it will be tagged with it parent tag.
Edit - edits tag name and color. Unique color is convenient for frequently used tags (such as “favorites”).
Cut & Paste - used to change tag parent
Cancel - exits from “cutted” state. Also “Esc” key can be used for that.
Add tag to items - adds tag to selected items

Items Context Menu

View - views image in internal viewer
Open - opens file in default application
Show file location - shows file in system file explorer. Can be used to open file in different application.
Open file URL - opens file URL in browser
Open in browser - opens web link in browser
Show properties - shows item properties
Select item tags - selects all item tags
Copy to clipboard→File - copies file to clipboard. Used to export files.
Copy to clipboard→File name - copies file name to clipboard
Copy to clipboard→File path - copies file path to clipboard
Copy to clipboard→File URL - copies file URL to clipboard
Copy to clipboard→File comment - copies file comment to clipboard
Copy to clipboard→Web link title - copies web link title to clipboard
Copy to clipboard→Web link URL - copies web link URL to clipboard
Paste file from clipboard - adds file from clipboard to Tags4info
Refresh preview image - updates item preview image
Change tags - sets new tags for selected items
Remove tags - removes tag or tags for selected items
Edit - edits item
Move→To Vault - moves files no contained in File Vault to File Vault
Move→From Vault… - moves files contained in Fle Vault to some folder
Move→To another drive… - moves files contained in File Vault from one drive to another
Move→To folder… - moves files not contained in File Vault to some folder
Delete - removes items. Warning: on Linux files will be removed, not moved to recycle bin!
Find lost→File… - allows to locate one file that was renamed/moved by system file manager and was lost for Tags4info
Find lost→Files in folder… - allows to locate one or more files that was moved to different folder by system file manager and were lost for Tags4info

Tag “#”

It is a special tag “#”, that can appear in tags tree. It means “Other”. For example tags has following structure:
Screenshot 2022-01-01 at 16.54.42
And it is an item exists that has tag “phone” (not “Apple”, “Samsung” or “LG”) - so tag “#” will appear. And it will mean “other manufacturer” and selection of this tag will display all items with tag “phone”.
Items Types Panel also has “#” buttons, and them also allows to display “other” Files or Web Links.

File Vault

When you add file to Tags4info - you have option to move it to File Vault. It allows not to think about file location but only about file tags. It also separates tagged files from not tagged.
When moved to the File Vault, the file retains its name unchanged and remains on the same drive. So on same drive where file was located - next file structure will be created:
“your drive/Tags4info/Default/Files/1"
File will be moved to the folder “1”. If a name conflict occurs - folder “2” (“3”, etc…) will be created and file will be moved there.